The W-1250-5 MIDI/Mini Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen for use with Pallet Shredder

Screens and Processes your chipped or shredded materials

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Trommel Screen Midi or Midi W1250-5

Light to medium duty trammel screen designed to process most organic materials such as wood chip animal feeds, green waste or compost.

Standard mesh screen is 5mm, other screen sizes available on request. This means that it’s easily adaptable for different materials.

Loading height is 950mm which means that it is easy to load manually or small conveyor.

The on-board 2 metre conveyor transports screened materials to your chosen bag, loader bucket or skip. The height of the conveyor can be altered using the hand winch providing more accurate discharge.

An optional extraction vacuum unit uses suction to fill twin bags to provide easy handling of screened woodchip.


Power                   415 16 amp

Drum Length      1600mm

Drum Diameter                630mm

Drum Motor       0.72Kw

Woodchip Conveyor 5000-150

Used in conjunction Welmac pallet shredder the 5 metre long 5000-150 conveyor provides a convenient way to process discharged woodchip to your chosen bag, loader bucket, skip etc. The conveyor height can be easily adjusted using the built in hand winch.

The conveyor can be used in isolation utilising the installed on/off switch. When connected to the control panel of the pallet shredder it can be used in conjunction with the fixed conveyor, which provides flexibility.

The galvanised pressed panels are bolted together to form a rigid structure.  The robust built in pneumatic wheels mean that the conveyor can be easily and safely moved by one operator.


Length                  5 metres

Belt width           150mm

Power                   415v 16 amp 0.75 kw Motor

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