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Using the Sphinx P+ 150-P+ compact Mini Excavator and its many attachments and options you can:

  • Dig with the 20 cm and 30 cm digging buckets,
  • Dredge, load and level out with the 60 cm bucket,
  • Load and transport with the loading bucket,
  • Plow and remove roots with the single tooth and 4 tooth ripper buckets.
  • Drill with the 100, 150 and 200 diameter auger drilling attachments
  • Move wood and other materials with the 800 kg grapple
  • Break up concrete with an hydraulic hammer
  • Split wood with the screw log splitter.

It is fully mechanical and hydraulic, and has no electronic system.

Made in France the SPHINX P+, CHARGEUR PLUS is supplied with a 30 cm bucket, a bucket quick coupler, an additional hydraulic line plus a hydraulic fluid cooler.

Technical Specifications


Weight and dimensions

  • Weight 790Kg
  • Length 2400mm
  • Height 2300mm
  • Track Width 820mm
  • Digging capacity 1.5t
  • Max. digging depth 1700mm
  • Max. Digging height 1700mm
  • Turret Swing 360 Degrees


  • 14 HP 429cc Kohler Professional
  • Electric start with key
  • 10.3 KW
  • Fuel Capacity 7.4 litres
  • Av. Fuel consumption 3 litres/hour


For grapple, auger and log splitter: an additional hydraulic line is required.
For extendable arm: additional hydraulic line, Push-Pull and counterweights are required.
For loading bucket: the Push-Pull is required.
For the use of hydraulic hammer: counterweight, support and hydraulic cooler are required.
Counterweight is recommended when adding an accessory.
Optional electrical motor.


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