Pallet and Waste Wood Shredder Chipper built in Britain

The NEW Welmac Pallet Shredder / Chipper

Our UK built Pallet Shredder shreds full size pallets at a rate of 20 to 50 pallets per hour. (Depending on construction) It can produce wood chippings to G30 and G50 standards which means that the size and moisture content is suitable for most wood chip biomass boilers.


Chip CodeSize Range Size Range Size Range Size rangeChip AreaChip Length
<4%<20%60>100%<20%Area Cm2Length Cm

Model WPS1300-19 has a rotor width of 1300mm and 19 fixed hammer tips. This provides high rotational force which shreds wood efficiently and accepts full size pallets.
20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 40mm screens are available to suit the size of product you require for your end use.

This unit is powered by a 3-phase 415V 22kw electric motor which provides more than enough power for pallet shredding applications.
It has a stress control system with an auto-reverse which means less stoppages and time lost.
The drive is through a 5-1 heavy duty gearbox, and a banded 4V section drive belt which gives durability and longevity.

It comes complete with a standard step platform to allow safe and secure access for operators. Custom solutions can be manufactured to suit your site requirements.

An onboard conveyor transports the wood chippings to your desired receptacle.
This conveyor is fitted with a magnetic roller to separate the nails and staples from the woodchip.
An optional 5 metre long conveyor can be specified.

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