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Powerful & Efficient

  • Designed to provide high volume processing of hay, all types straw and root crops for use in animal feed rations, bedding or in anerobic digesters.
  • Different screens can be used to vary the size of the output material. Ground up material is discharged via two augers onto the conveyor belt.
  • Utilising a 1000rpm PTO to drive 8 V-belts, the machine is then uprated to 1800rpm giving a powerful yet controlled force. The F-1050 grinds your materials quickly while maintaining consistency.
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Safety Built IN

  • Equipped with a number of safety devices which prevent accidental injury to operators which provides peace of mind that the machine is safe to use.
  • To protect maintainenance operatives, the tilting mechanism of the tub has a lock out device to prevent inadvertent start up.
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Easy To Operate & Maintain

  • Designed with maximum clearance between the screens and augers which prevents stoppages due to clogging.
  • The electronic speed controller has an inbuilt stress control which detects PTO speed and varies the speed of the tub accordingly. This maintains optimum flow into the discharge augers.
  • The rotor is positioned at the rear of the tub so that ground materials flow efficiently to the twin 280mm diameter augers. This provides continuous use with minimum downtime.
  • A bolt in mill grate keeps the weight of material off the rotor to maximise productivity and minimise stoppages due to overloading the mill.
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Sprung or Fixed Axle

  • Available with a sprung axle for road transportation, or alternatively with a fixed axle for field or yard use.
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Maximum Uptime

  • The combination of features designed into the machine provide sustainable and productive use.
  • High speed material processing and prevention of clogging means that your time is optimised performing the task at hand.
  • Bulk materials are quickly and efficiently processed into rations or bedding reducing time spent and minimising labour costs.
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Technical Specifications

Tub Features
Loading Height2,820mm
Tub Width at Flair3,300mm
Tub Depth at Flair1,290mm
Tub Diameter at Base2,285mm
Tub Wall Thickness2.3mm
Tub Floor Thickness4mm
Speed ControlSPC 2000
Tub DriveHydraulic
Hydraulic Oil Capacity300 Litres
Hammer Mill
Feed Opening960mm x 640mm
Number of Hammers64
Rods8 x 25mm Diameter
Rotor Plates6mm
Rotor Shaft Diameter80mm
Rotor Bearings75mm
Rotor Speed1,800 RPM
Drive TypePTO 1,000 RPM
(Min) Tractor Horsepower120
Discharge Augers
No. of Augers2 Off With Support Bearings
Auger Size280mm
DriveTypeHydraulic Mechanical
Transport Weight & Dimensions
Width (Round Tub)3265mm
Width (Trimmed Tub)2890mm
Conveyor Dimensions
Belt Width535mm
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