Industrial Tub Grinder for Hire With Operator

Welmac UK Ltd. operates a Duratech HD10 Grapple loader tub grinder with operator. This will grind various types of material including:

– Green waste to a size ideal for composting
– Wood waste and pallets – you can choose from 20, 32, 40, 50, 75 and 100mm screens, depending on the end product you require, e.g. for chip board manufacture, power stations, horse bedding or training arenas
– Forestry waste, logs and lumber for power stations, woodchip or mulch
– Straw and hay bales for bedding or boiler fuel

Please call or email us for a quote – for anywhere in the UK.

Tub Grinder Hire and Contracting Information

Contact Justin on 01400 272475 for more information.